TA’nss oj-Moke Sul Sylee

Who is the BCACCS AmBearrister?

How old is TA’nss?
TA’nss has learnt that bears can transform (well, at least she can) to be the age she needs to be. She often choses to be the the age that friends need her to be. Sometimes a friend needs a bear who they can just play with. Sometimes a friend needs a bear who listens like an older sibling, or sometimes a friend needs advise from an older wiser friend.
TA’nss enjoys being all of those ages.
Is she magical?
“I’m no more magical then all of my friends.” TA’nss on being magical.

Favourite foods:
Salmon, berries, cheesy-poofs, jello, rice, chicken and ice cream on a stick.
“Cheesy-poofs are magical bear food. Even though the are orange and even though they come from a box…. they make me smile. Sometimes a friend has a food like that too.” TA’nss on why cheesy-poofs.

Foods that are greatly disliked:
Pizza, orange foods and things from a box.
“I like to know where my food comes from. Food doesn’t come from a box. It comes from somewhere before the box.” TA’nss on box foods.

Favourite games:
Hide and Seek, Baseball, Golf, Puzzles, and Lacross.
“Games are the best, well… stories are the best, but games are the next-best. Without games learning new things would be less fun.” TA’nss on games … and stories.

Their Name:
She understands that having a name that is long and not like other bears can be scary for new friends. None of her new friends want to mispronounce it. So, she accepts that new friends may have difficulty and that’s okay.
“We all have different names and different sounds our mouths can make. Learning new sounds is part of the fun,” TA’nss on names.

Things they have done:
Powwow Dancer.
Cross-Country Racer.
Mastered the Squeeze Box (and forgotten lots).

If you would like TA’nss to visit your community please contact her friends at the Hub. She would love to visit, but she knows that a bear traveling by herself is dangerous, so she would need her friends to come with her and they unfortunately have jobs.